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Man City Sirens, a five-piece Australian indie rock band from Melbourne, is an eclectic ideation of Brit-rock oriented music: melodious, lyrical, emotional, blending the fluency of pop and the revelry of rock. 

The songs exude a playfulness and excitement that sparkles with the innocence of 1960’s Pop Melodica and Glam Rock… from mood swings, raunch and revolt… from Beatles (or Oasis? - you choose) to The Smiths.

The band has kicked off 2022 with renewed enthusiasm and energy!

Since adding female keyboardist Giovanna Hammond to their lineup, the band has acquired a fresh new sound and image.

Their new single, ‘Love Is So Sweet’, is testament to the new sound, which sees singer-songwriter-guitarist Walter Musolino, channelling Morrissey.

“With the songs of Morrissey, I discovered a kindred spirit drawn to the beauty and the ugliness of the commonplace, an artist whose ease of seductive poetic expression, is in contrast to the labours of a rigorous intelligence always at work in the pursuit of enlightenment” – Walter Musolino

Walter Musolino’s lyrics depict a unique blend of irony, humour and darkness. There is a certain sense of honesty in his writing – and with his views on life.

‘Love Is So Sweet’s’ catchy melody and vocals, enhanced by a beautiful nylon- string guitar solo provided by second guitarist and harmony vocalist Davide Musolino, belies the song’s bittersweet lyrics.

‘Love Is So Sweet’ was produced by Victor Stranges and recorded at Thirty Mill Studios in Melbourne, Australia, by recording engineer Colin Wynne, who has worked alongside legendary Australian producer Mark Opitz AM (INXS, Cold Chisel, AC/DC, The Divinyls) and American producer Mitchell Froom.


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In a band of eclectic creatives, lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, Walter Musolino, has to prima donna sing his stories as if it’s all about him.

Lead guitarist/songwriter, Davide Musolino, internal disciplinarian, shreds his guitar like a gym junkie on steroids – “Look at me!” - because it is all about him.

Pianist Giovanna Hammond, a tough Ms Congeniality, is a veritable talk-fest of unceasing ideas and lays down the dreamy fairy dust over the tunes.  

Big bass
ist Ricardo Vaveliuk, man of a thousand entertaining voices and multiple personalities, will never slap another human being nor a bass.

While Mauro Trentin is the sly Casanova of the group who makes love to the skins, keeping rhythm and tempo just right: “Don’t over-complicate it, mate…”

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